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Websites as low as $160.00! Zehlm® can design your new website from beginning to end, or edit, repair, and develop an existing website. Uploads, downloads, forms, videos, photo galleries, and online sales. Quality and affordable website design services and web development. Free Consultations. Zehlm® Web Development is located in Morganton, North Carolina.

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  Our quality web development is extremely affordable for today's economy. Custom quality internet programming to meet your needs. Zehlm® accepts cash app, paypal, debit cards, credit cards, and more upon approval. Payment expected at time of service. Because of the Covid-19 Pandemic, our complete transaction may occur online. All sales are final. We do not accept checks. Credit lines are not available. At this time cash is no longer accepted.


  Responsive websites that are viewable across all devices. Whether on a smartphone, desktop computer, or a tablet, websites are programmed to view appropriately across any screen size. Cascade Style Sheets - (css) and Bootstrap makes websites more responsive to today's devices.
   Several programming languages that are responsive with themselves, detect and adapt to multiple screen resolutions, simultaneously, which gives ultimate viewability.

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  Our websites, edits, and documents are custom programmed using xhtml, html, css, javascript, bootstrap, php, ruby on rails, ajax, and much more. Custom website design to meet your business or personal needs. We validate our pages and other code files. Research is performed to determine what search categories your website is related to. Basic indexing and website submission will be performed upon completion and validation of your website, which is standard.

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Web DesignIn most cases, Zehlm® Can Design Your One Page Responsive Website for $160.00!
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Zehlm® Web Development  Zehlm® Web Development was created in 2005. The desire to help those needing websites became a reality after watching many individuals and businesses struggle to afford and design their own website. Over the years web development and web design services prices have diminished drastically. Ecommerce fees and costs for retailing products online can accumulate. Zehlm® has developed alternatives that will cut your costs and still give quality and security.
  Zehlm® can design your custom website from start to finish, or a template you purchase can be customized for your needs. Existing websites can be edited, redesigned, modified, or redeveloped. The websites are designed with several internet programming languages, including, but not limited to: xhtml, html, css, javascript, php, ajax, and ruby on rails.
  Whether you need a family website to share photos and videos for personal needs or a professional website for your business, Zehlm® can help you make it a reality. We can design custom forms that will send the information directly to your email. A phone call can be made directly from your webpage. Zehlm® can design online ecommerce websites to assist in the sales of your products. Custom login and shopping cart interfaces programmed to meet your goals.
  Have a business where your employees need information or software tools? Zehlm® can program websites that allows your employees online access through user name and password verification for software, apps, installation manuals, electrical diagrams and much more! Maybe associates need to upload information to your office servers or mobile devices. We can assist with this too. It is possible to print off forms or receipts directly from your website for your customers. These basic tasks are available and can be custom programmed to meet your needs. Zehlm® Website Design Services Morganton, NC.

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   Zehlm® Web Development can provide web design services worldwide. Translations can be determined to administer and program your custom website in almost any language. Our services are available to clients throughout the entire United States.
  Local focus in based in Western North Carolina where our priority web design services scope is offered to the following areas: Morganton, Marion, Lenoir, Hickory, Newland, Boone, Blowing Rock, Hudson, Granite Falls, and all other surrounding locations.

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  • Computers for Families
    Posted by : Zehlm®

    These fund raisers are legitimate tax deductable donation requests. Our local computer store is building units, and collecting damaged computer units for repairs, for giving to indigent families and persons that need computers. Your donations go to the computer store for their services, and to buy new parts to repair these units. Computers that could be donated to someone they know that needs them for school, work, or research.

  • Programming Books
    Posted by : Zehlm®

    Your donations go to fund researchers in finding many different programming books for free, placing all in one location for those who need them. These PDF books can be downloaded on the web, from one location for free, thanks to your donations! Programming books are costly. Free pdf programming books are very beneficial to someones education and future. Your donations are greatly appreciated!

  • Legal Injustice Fund
    Posted by : Zehlm®

    Zehlm® gathers your donations to help assist those who have been wrongly accused of a crime. These donations go to purchase legal books and materials that will assist in the litigation of their matters. While funds last, some donations may be used to hire legal counsel. Indigency is the number one cause that innocent individuals are still incarcerated in prisons. Please donate today!

    Posted by : Zehlm®

    Visit ZEHLM® on Facebook! Learn more about us. Join Facebook, and create an account. Share information reguarding ZEHLM® donation drives and website design services. Have a legitimate cause for donation? Contact us and someone from ZEHLM® will respond as soon as possible. ZEHLM® is located in Morganton, North Carolina.

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